Visualize Knowledge Extraction Results with Postman


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Ireul is a knowledge extraction system developed by Peak Labs. It utilizes advanced neural network models to extract knowledge from natural language texts into structured data that is convenient to use. Ireul not only plays an irreplaceable role in, it also acts as the core ability of Magi’s enterprise service.

When invoking the Model-as-a-Service (MaaS) API, the results consist of abundant content expressed in the form of vectors, which can be more explicitly displayed through visualization.


Before the introduction of visualizing the knowledge extraction results from Ireul with Postman, you will need:

  1. The Postman app - Postman is a collaboration platform for API development. You can download the latest version of Postman from its official website;
  2. Your Magi API subscription key* - The key marked as Api-Subscription-Key that you received when subscribe to Magi API service;
  3. The configuration file - Click here to download the configuration file, which includes sample requests and the visualization script.

* If you have not subscribed to or your subscription plan does not include the service of Ireul, please apply for demo.


After you have successfully installed the Postman app and opened it, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Import button on the upper left corner;
  2. Click the Upload Files button in the window that popped up, and select the file ireul_demo.postman_collection.json that has been downloaded;
  3. Click the Import button to confirm the import;
  4. Under the Collections tab on the left there should be a new collection labeled Ireul Demo;
  5. Click the Ireul Demo collection and it will expand to show different APIs, e.g., Multilingual - Batch;
  6. Select the Headers tab in the request area, and fill your subscription key into the Value column of the Api-Subscription-Key row;
  7. Select the Body tab in the request area to view or edit the text to be sent to Ireul for testing;
  8. Click the Send Button to send the request;
  9. Click Visualize in the response area to get the visualization of the results.

After the previous steps, if the display is as the following screenshot, the configuration has been completed!

The Visualization of Ireul's Multilingual Extraction Results in Postman