Magi KG

The Autonomous Knowledge Graph. An ever-growing and self-updating database containing real-time knowledge from almost every known field, which is by definition an open-domain knowledge graph.

Magi Zero

Zero-shot Information Extraction Engine. The ability to extract knowledge from texts in any field into structured data.

Magi One

One-shot Information Extraction Engine. A customizable extraction engine requiring as few as one training sample.

Magi redefined the paradigm of
knowledge graph construction.

Magi paradigm


Natural Language Understanding


Neural information extraction

Extract knowledge from plain text into structured data.


Neural query understanding

Understand natural language questions thoroughly.


Neural reading comprehension

Find the right piece of words to answer natural language questions.

Search Engine Infrastructure


Web scale search engine

Original index structure designed specially for web search.


Multilingual analyzing pipeline

Handle more than 170 different languages.


Distributed crawling system

Crawl and analyze while complying with standards.

"We never take shortcuts."

Original Research

We believe that a true AI company should not be but the wholesaler and the repairman of public SOTA models.

We prefer focusing on the immature fields, especially the hardest ones, to packaging mature solutions.

Exclusive Data

AI are by nature data-driven, but too much efforts are spilled on AI where there are ready-made datasets.

Setting out from product demand, we persist with premium in-house curation of data, and restrain from exploiting user data.

Solid Engineering

Making a product for the general public is of far more service than adjusting algorithms to get better rankings on benchmarks.

Through a decade of research and development, we are realizing large-scale applications with cutting-edge NLP technology.