Install as An App

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You can easily install as an application, which is a progressive web app (PWA) that can be directly installed through webpage instead of from app stores. The app only takes little storage space, does not require registration, does not gather any information of the device or any history, and does not push notifications. Learn more about PWA.

Install on a smartphone

Please use the default browser of your operating system to visit, then click the Share button and select Add to Home Screen. Congratulations! You have installed the app. It can be used like any other app.

(Example of installing PWA through Safari on iOS)

Install on a PC

The browsers with better support for PWA are Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Visit with a browser that supports PWA, find an icon on the right of the address bar (the URL bar) that indicates the installation of PWA, click on the icon, and then complete the installation following instructions of the browser.

If you fail to install as an application, you can always add it to your favorites/bookmarks, and/or set as your default search engine, for daily access.