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The Magi System and magi.com (hereinafter together referred to as “Magi”) automatically generates links to third-party web pages in a non-manual manner based on keywords or other instructions entered by the user. Magi itself does not store or control, nor is able to modify the content and/or its manifestations posted on third-party web pages corresponding to the links.

All parties related to Magi value the rights of intellectual property owners and strive to protect them. The related parties strictly abide by the various intellectual property laws, regulations and binding documents in their region. When the right holder discovers that the third-party webpage pointed to by the automatically generated link of Magi includes content that violates the legitimate rights and interests of the right holder, it should first issue a “rights notice” to Magi or one of its related parties. Magi will decide to remove or block the display of such links based on the corresponding laws and regulations.

Your “rights notice” should include: your valid identification and contact information, your ownership certificate for the content, the third-party webpage URL that you believe violates your rights, the specific content on the third-party webpage that you think infringes your copyright, and your valid signature (or the official seal for institutions). After the notice of rights is received, the content will be verified and the link of webpage that does include infringement of intellectual property rights will be removed or blocked.

Magi is operated by Beijing JIXINGLAIBO Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Mainland China. Address: Langyuan vintage, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.