Magi Terms of Service

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Before you use the service of or Magi System (hereinafter together referred to as “Magi”), please be sure to read and understand this Magi Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”) and confirm that you understand your rights and restrictions. If you do not endorse these terms, you may choose not to use Magi’s services; once you choose to use Magi’s services, your actions will be deemed to be an endorsement of all the terms of the Terms.

  • Magi is operated and maintained by Beijing JIXINGLAIBO Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Mainland China.

  • Magi will algorithmically process the search results based on the keywords you type in the search box. The search results may include links to third-party web pages or other third-party sources related to the keyword, and summarized information generated through artificial intelligent technology from third-party contents. All contents are sourced from the Internet and produced or provided by third parties. Magi and Magi’s related parties are not responsible for any information you receive as a result of clicking on links to third-party contents, or for any consequences resulting from accessing third-party web pages or other third-party products.

  • Magi’s search results are automatically generated by the system and do not imply that Magi and Magi’s related parties endorse the position of third-party contents or third-party contents providers in search results.

  • Magi cannot guarantee that the search results would meet your requirements. There is no guarantee that the search service will be uninterrupted at any time. The security and legitimacy of the search results cannot be guaranteed. Nor can Magi guarantee that your network environment could always access Magi normally. Magi and Magi’s related parties are not liable for any consequences resulting from your failure to use Magi properly.

  • Magi respects and is willing to protect intellectual property rights. If you believe that the results provided by Magi or the links to third party contents may be infringing your rights, you should promptly provide written proof to Magi’s related parties to provide proof of your identity, relevant ownership certificates, proof of infringement, and other necessary documents. Upon receipt of the above documents, Magi will stop displaying the infringing content and/or the link to the infringing third party content after verifying the documents. See the Rights holder protection page for details.

  • If you are the administrator of a website or other type of content providers, and you do not want the content of your website or other products to be included by Magi or displayed on Magi, you can give written instructions to Magi’s related parties, or on your website or other products. Follow the instructions here to add a flag that would keep MagiBot from crawling your website or other products and thereafter halt Magi’s display of your website or other products.