AI-driven knowledge engine orginally designed by Peak Labs, magnum opus of the Magi Project.

Knowledge results and direct answers

You can try to search for anything, or directly ask questions on, and receive highly refined and structured knowledge results, or direct answers or snippets semantically matched though natural language understanding.

Please refer to the help for further instructions on using

Build the foundation of lifelong learning with the entire Internet

For the Magi project, a search engine developed entirely in-house is essential. It serves both as the primary source of corpus to learn from and as the supplier of additional information for the sustainable progress of Magi's understanding of natural language. With the increasing of cross-referenceable sources of information, knowledge previously learned will be reassessed, such that the errors and mistakes can be corrected.

Standalone project that serves the public with all of Magi

For the convenience of the general public, for the publicization of how AI has advanced, and for the direct show-off of the Magi project developed by Peak Labs, the knowledge engine is packaged into an independent service and offered to individual users.

Also available in: 中文