Domain-Specific Knowledge Graph

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Unstructured data is commonly seen in many industries, including news, press release, media comment, communications between users/clients, etc. Such data provides valuable information for the entire industry. But the collecting of unstructured information typically rely on manual processing, such as summarizing the parameters from media reports into a database. Both the accuracy and timeliness are significantly constrained by the personnel involved.

For clients with needs for such data processing, several modules of Magi can improve the efficiency.

  • Magi KG offers knowledge from the entire Internet and the source, which can be used to retrieve structured data for reference.
  • Magi Zero can process the unstructured data of the client into structured knowledge information for downstream tasks.
  • Magi One is able to customize a tailor-made model with little training data, e.g., one that focuses on prices, or on negative reviews.