Virtual Assistants

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Nowadays numerous virtual assistants perform outstandingly in their own fields, such as setting navigation on a car, turning on/off electrical appliances in a house, and adjusting schedule on a smartphone. Yet, outside the range, especially during small talks, virtual assistants often have only passable performance.

Magi backs up virtual assistants outside their main field with data and processing ability. In short, Magi offers common sense knowledge.

  • Magi KG has real-time knowledge from the whole Internet, offered in the form of structured data that is easy to process, while keeping all the original source for further reference.
  • Leliel is capable of handling complex inquiries such as natural language questions by analyzing the question, identifying intent, complementing grammar components, etc., which could significantly expand the coverage of scenarios that virtual assistants can handle, and could cooperate with other modules of Magi for additional processing.
  • Tabris can find the suitable answer phrase from the collection of texts with a scale as large as the Internet, or from local documents while working off-line.